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Origins - Creation, Dinosaurs and Design

Creation and Evangelism DVDS produced by MTADr. Jerry Bergman & Dr. Brad Harrub

Dinosaurs are a part of God's creation -- land animals that were created on day six of creation.

ORIGINS is a television program hosted by Dr. Donn Chapman. It is a forum in which science is used to show the Bible is accurate and evolution is impossible. This DVD has four 25 minute shows from the ORIGINS series. They cover a variety of subjects related to dinosaurs and the fact that design requires a designer.

You'll see clear evidence that people and dinosaurs lived together. Proof that dinosaurs didn't live millions of years ago. You'll also see that science shows Darwin was wrong and that what we observe requires that there be a designed, just as the Bible states.

This DVD has been compiled by Move To Assurance and is available for $4.95.
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The four 25 minute videos included on this DVD are:

Creation Stories (Similarities in various creation stories show their common origin)

Dinosaurs! (See the evidence showing men and dinosaurs lived together)

Was Darwin Wrong?

Design Demands a Designer

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