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Age Of THe Earth - 6000 YearsAGE OF THE EARTH

"I always accepted and trusted what I heard. This video opened my eyes to the need to question what is being taught. Most of it is not based on facts. I can't wait for another DVD!" - Steve

This DVD includes three videos:

The Age Of The Earth (26 minutes)

Age Of The Earth - See Darwinian estimates of the age of the earth are based on unreliable mnethods and circular reasoning. Then learn how science, when properly used, gives an age ofthe earth of just thousands of years, not millions of years. (Watch the Age Of The Earth video online.)

Two, short bonus features are also included:

How Can We See Distant Starlight? - If the universe is just thousands of years old, how can we see starlight from stars billions of yesars away? It's a mind-bending question that requires the ability to understand time dilation and physics. Or maybe there is asimple answer. One answer is provided in the "Age Of The Earth" video, a simplier answer is provided here. (Watch the Distant Starlight video online).

Is The Bible Circular Reasoning? - The "Age Of The Earth video shows how an earth billions of years old is based on circular reasoning. But is the fact that the Bible is true also based on circular reasoning? Find out why the Bible is a self-attesting truth. (Watch the Is The Bible Circular Reasoning video online.)

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You are welcome to copy the above DVDs and share them with others. Graphics for printing the image an the DVD are available for downloading. Click here: MTA DVD graphics

You are welcome to copy the above DVD and share it with others. Graphics for printing the image an the DVD are available for downloading. Click here: MTA DVD graphics

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