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Origins - The Cosmos... Comets... Craters and Starlight

The Cosmos... Comets... Craters and StarlightDr. Danny Faulkner, Dr. Russell Humphreys & Dr. Larry Vardiman.

Look at the night sky... the stars declare the gory of God.

The night sky is not only glorious to look at, it declares the glory of God through the evidence it provides demonstrating the Bible is true and the earth really is about 6,000 years old. See how comets and craters on the moon declare the earth is young. Learn the answer to the distant starligh question.

A bonus feature looks at global warming. You'll see the same faulty techniques used to prove evolution are also used to support man-caused global warming.

This DVD includes four 25 minute videos from the Origins TV Series.

This DVD has been compiled by Move To Assurance and is available for $4.95.
S&h included within the U.S., Mexico and Canada. For all other countries add $2.95 to your total order.

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The four 25 minute videos included on this DVD are:

1) What About Comets?

2) Impact Of Craters

3) Starlight And Time

4) Bonus - Global Warming

Please support us in our efforts to improve our video production. We need help getting a camera, lighting, software and other equipment.

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