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Origins - Evolution, The Grand Experiment

Evolution, The Grand Experiment and hypercanesDr. Carl Werner & Dr. Larry Vardiman

Dr. Werner studied both sides of the question of evolution.

Darwin could see that fossils did not support his theory of evolution, but he predicted his theory would be confirmed when more fossils were found. One hundred and fifty years has not changed a thing. Dr. Werner critically examines the theory of evolution and finds that it does not fit the evidence.

In the bonus video on this DVD Dr. Larry Vardiman will introduce you to hypercanes. If you thought hurricanes were destructive, imagine a hurricane with 600 mph winds that covered nearly the entire continental U.S. These storms, which formed following the flood, were massive and destructive.

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The four videos included on this DVD are:

The Grand Experiment - 1

The Grand Experiment - 2

The Grand Experiment - 3

Bonus Feature - Hypercanes

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