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Origins - Geological Evidence For The Worldwide Flood & The Big Freeze

Geological Evidence For A World-Wide FloodDr. Andrew Snelling and Dr. Larry Vardiman

If there was a flood that covered the earth in a couple of months, and then drained away in ten months, there should be plain evidence we see today.

The evidence that there was a catastrophic world-wide flood about 4,500 years ago is overwhelming. Over and over again these three videos featuring Dr. Snelling show the geological evidence that is best explained by a recent world-wide flood.

In the bonus feature Dr. Vardiman shows that an ice age is what can be expected to follow a world-wide flood. Rapid cooling and massive amounts of water in the atmosphere would result in rapid accumulations of snow starting within a few hundred years after the flood. This video explans why and how it happened.

This DVD includes four 25 minute videos from the Origins TV Series.

This DVD has been compiled by Move To Assurance and is available for $4.95.
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The four 25 minute videos included on this DVD are:

Geological Evidence - 1

Geological Evidence - 2

Geological Evidence - 3

Bonus Feature - The Big Freeze

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