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Origins - Biology & Evolution: Skin, Hair, Lungs & Blood

Biology Of The Human Body proves evolution falseDr. David Menton shows the incredible complexity of the human body.

Look at biology without the blinders of evolution.
Get to know the human body, you'll see the glory of God.

This DVD uses simple, everyday language to help you learn about the biology of the human body... and you'll be amazed. Looking at your skin it appears to be simple. But it is incredibly complex with many interdependent components. Something that could not have evolved.

Dr. Menton describes the biology of the human body in simple, easy-to-understand terms we all can understand... and he shows that evolution is impossible. Our human bodies provide ample evidence showing we were created by God.

This DVD includes four 25 minute videos from the Origins TV Series.

This DVD has been compiled by Move To Assurance and is available for $4.95.
S&h included within the U.S., Mexico and Canada. For all other countries add $2.95 to your total order.

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The four 25 minute videos included on this DVD are:

1) Elements Of Our Skin

2) Elements Of Our Hair

3) Lungs And Blood - Part 1

4) Lungs And Blood

Please support us in our efforts to improve our video production. We need help getting a camera, lighting, software and other equipment.

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