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Origins - The Institute For Creation Research R.A.T.E. Study

Creation and Evangelism DVDS produced by MTADr. Larry Vardiman reports on the results from R.A.T.E.

R.A.T.E. stands for Radio isotopes and the Age of The Earth.

The institute For Creation conducted a five year study of radio isotope dating and came up with some surprising results that are summarized on this DVD. They found evidence that radio isotope dating is not reliable and that other scientific methods of dating rocks show them to be just 6,000 years old.

This DVD includes four 25 minute videos from the Origins TV Series The first provides an introduction to R.A.T.E. The next three each present one of the significant findings from the R.A.T.E. study. You'll see that radio dating of rocks is not an accurate method for determining the age of the rocks.

This DVD has been compiled by Move To Assurance and is available for $4.95.
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The four 25 minute videos included on this DVD are:

Helium Diffision Rates (show the earth to be just 6,000 years old)

Radio halos demonstrate the earth is young and there was very rapid cooling.

Carbon 14 in coal and diamonds present additional evidence the earh is young.

Overall the scientific evidence showing the earth is about 6,000 years old continues to pile up. Get these DVD to see just a small part of it.

Please support us in our efforts to improve our video production. We need help getting a camera, lighting, software and other equipment.

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